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CrystalKatana with Storage Case

CrystalKatana Rhinestone Setting Tool with Storage Case

CrystalKatana with Storage Case


Item #: katana & case


Rhinestone Setting Tools

CrystalKatana with Storage Case

The CrystalKatana is a unique rhinestone setting tool that is proven to shave time off the process of hand setting stones when making rhinestone transfers or hand setting & gluing stones directly to your project.

The CrystalKatana can be used with SWAROVSKI Elements, Rhinestone, Rhinestuds or Nailheads (both hotfix and non-hotfix stones) as well as other media too!  

This video tutorial shows how to use the Crystal Katana when hand-setting rhinestone heat transfers

You'll love using your CrystalKatana for "blinging", "bedazzling" & "crystallizing" t-shirt, jeans, jackets, nail art, scrapbooks, phone cases, wine bottles... the list goes on and on! 

To protect the wax tip of your Crystal Katana the protective storage case is included with your purchase.