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Custom Rhinestone Templates

Would you like to have a Custom Rhinestone Template or Custom Sticky Flock Template made?  Here's how...

Option 1 - Logos, Images & Custom Font Rhinestone Templates & Sticky Flock Templates

If your design is a logo, image or custom font (not a DDA stock font) please call for pricing.  If you have already called and would like to pay your custom template set-up fee online, click the "Custom Rhinestone Templates Image & Logo Designs" icon below.

Option 2 - DDA Stock Font Rhinestone Templates & Sticky Flock Templates

If the template you need is "text only" you can use our "Text Only Template Designer" to create and price your template.  In addition to the cost of the template, you will also be charged a template set-up fee.  The template set-up fee for "text only templates" is $50.00/template (1 word/phrase design per template - not ganged).  No estimate or quote needed. Click here to give it a try