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Custom Rhinestone Transfer FAQ's

  • What's the process for having custom rhinestone transfers made?

    5 Easy Steps to creating your custom rhinestone transfers:

    1. Submit your design request via the Rhinestone Artwork Submission Form.  We will review your request and provide you with a free estimate.
    2. Next, a $20 Artwork Fee is required to proceed.  We will duplicate your logo/design into rhinestone layout and provide you with a mock-up of your design. Allow 2-3 business days for our artwork department to create your design.  This is the most important step - bad artwork = bad designs, good artwork takes time. 
    3. Review the artwork along with the pricing we send to you.  Request design revisions if necessary.
    4. Once the artwork is completed to your satisfaction, complete the order form provided and fax or email your order to us.  
    5. Production - You don't need to do anything here...
      We're busy doing the production for you.  Your products will be shipping out soon!

    Note: If your design is "text only" you can use our Text Only Transfer Designer using our "stock fonts" for a reduced artwork fee of $10. (A mock-up will not be sent to you).  Orders will go straight to production.  Pricing will auto generate, no waiting around for a quote.

  • Is there a minimum?

    Just 6 Pieces for custom designs, no minimums for stock designs.

  • Are there discounts for quantity orders?"

    Yes!  Buy more, save more!  Price breaks will be given with your quote.  

  • What you need to know about "price shopping"
    1. Not all designs are equal!  For example: If you ask 2 companies for the price of a bulldog... Company A may give you a price on a stock bulldog design that is filled solid, has 3 colors and is 5 x7, while company B gives you a price for their bulldog that is also 5 x 7 but is outlined and only 1 color.  The 2 prices you have been given are not for the same design... while the size of the design is the same, the stone size and colors are different and the total number of stones in each design is different....  These factors affect the price of your "bulldog".  If you don't provide both companies with a mock up of the design to "duplicate" you are not comparing apples to apples.  You could be comparing apples to watermelons and now you've got 2 very different prices for 2 very different items!
    2. Not all stones are equal! The quality of the stones will certainly affect not only the price of your design but the QUALITY of your design.  Be sure to know what type of stone your design has been quoted with. For your convenience, we will quote your design in: Nailheads, Rhinestuds, Rhinestones and SWAROVSKI crystals so you can choose the stone that best fits your budget and style.
    3. Not all rhinestones are the same!  There are various grades of rhinestones - Some are good and some are BAD!  When you choose to produce your designs with rhinestones we use only high quality, lead free rhinestones to ensure your design look fabulous!
    4. It's not all about PRICE!...
      If price is the only thing that matters to you let me save you some time... We aren't the CHEAPEST...  However, if you want to work with a company that has over 13 years of experience manufacturing rhinestone transfers and can provide you with:
      • Accurate order fulfillment
      • Quality products
      • Quick turn around times
      • EXCELLENT Customer Service
      • And, Proudly offers a product made in the USA...

    then we are the perfect choice!

    We offer all the above and MORE at a FAIR and REASONABLE PRICE! If these things are important to you, then you have found the right company to work with!

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