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Do you have questions about rhinestone transfer and/or Hotfix Rhinestones? We've got answers! These are the questions people ask most! No questions is silly or dumb. If your question isn't answered here, give us a call.

    Basics - Rhinestone 101 FAQ's

  • Can I buy just the design or do I have to buy the design on a shirt?
    Our primary business is the manufacturing of the designs. Yes, you may purchase just the transfer to be applied at your location. We do offer apparel packages for those clients who wish to purchase a finished product ready to wear or ready for market.
  • How do I care for my design?
    Wash inside out. Hang to dry or dry low heat. 

    Do not iron design! Remember, your design was applied with Heat so ironing the design can re-melt the glue. Ironing can cause stones to move out of place or come off completely.
  • How do you apply rhinestone heat trasnfers?

    It's best to apply rhinestone transfers with a heat press.  Using a heat press ensures you get even heat and pressure throughout the design. Click to view our Heat Press Instructions

    Rhinestone transfers can be applied with an iron however it's a little more difficult to get the even heat and even pressure that will ensure your design stays adhered to your garment for the life of the garment. It's not impossible, just more difficult and more time consuming. Click to view our Iron-On Instructions

  • How fast can you make my design?
    Rhinestone designs typically ship within 2-10 business days. In many cases even sooner! Rush orders available. Tell us when you need your tranfers and we'll do our best to meet your deadline.
  • How long will my design last?
    When properly applied and cared for, your design will last the life of the garment.
  • I don't have a heat press. Can you apply my design for me?
    Yes, we offer in house design application for a minimal fee. No need to mess with the iron or purchase a heat press.
  • Is it worth the expense to purchase a heat press?
    That depends on the volume of transfers you are pressing. If rhinestone transfers are a regular part of your business then YES! If you add up the money you spend on shipping apparel back and forth to us for applicaion plus the application fee you will see that your purchase of a heat press will soon become a wise investment.
  • What does "HOTFIX" mean? What is a hotfix heat transfer?

    The term "hotfix" refers to elements (stones and/or films) with a heat activated glue that can be ironed on or applied with a heat press. The finished design is applied as a "heat transfer".

    Hotfix rhinestone transfers are also called rhinestone heat transfers or rhinestone motifs.

    Vinyl, Glitter, Hologram, Metalic, Flock, EasyWeed,  PVC and Poly-U "films" are sometimes called: CADCut designs, plotter films, vinyl heat transfers, glitter transfers etc...  All of these materials found on our website can be cut into heat transfer designs using a vinyl cutter or plotter.  We make heat transfers out of these materials as well as rhinestone heat transfers.  It's fun to mix and match your media to create unique and intersting designs.  View our Multi-media Sample Gallery.

  • What is a nailhead?

    Nailheads are flat shiny metallic dots.

  • What is a rhinestud?  

    Rhinestuds are a metallic as well, however, they are faceted to take on the shape of a rhinestone or crystal. They do sparkle.

  • What is the difference between a "transfer" and a "template"?

    A transfer is a finished "design". A template a "template" or "stencil" that you use to MAKE your own "transfers" with. You will need loose stones, transfer paper and a template brush along with your template to MAKE your transfer(s).



  • What is the difference between SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS and rhinestones?

    A rhinestone is "budget" product. When quality really matters SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS are the way to go! SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS will give you the most sparkle and shine possible and are available in many colors!






  • What kind of elements can I use in my designs?
    We can make your designs in SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, rhinestones, nailheads, and/or rhinestuds.
  • Are there discounts for quantity orders?"

    Yes, we offer contract pricing to our wholesalers. Price breaks are offered at 25, 100, 500 and 1000 pieces,

  • Template FAQ's

  • What is the difference between a "transfer" and a "template"?

    A transfer is a finished "design". A template a "stencil or template" that you use to make your own "transfers" with. You will need loose stones, transfer paper and a template brush along with your template to MAKE your transfer.



  • How do I make a rhinestone design with a rhinestone template?

    Step 1. Break in your template brush.  Your brush will work better over time.  When it's new the bristles are firm.  Before using your brush rub it several times on the edge of the table or take your fingers and rub them through the nap of the brush.  This will help to start loosening up the bristles so your brush will work better.  It's also a good idea to "de-lint" your brush to avoid "brush lint" from mixing in with your stones or sticking to your transfer paper.  "De-lint" your brush by applying transfer tape to the nap of the brush and removing it.  Repeat this several times to get the "loose fibers" out of your brush. 

    Step 2. Using your template brush, brush the stones into the "holes".  This is a "learned technique", you'll get the hang of it. Try brushing in a side to side or circular motion. Apply medium pressure to the brush.  You will soon discover how much pressure is not enough or too much.  Keep practicing.   The brush will automatically brush out any stones that are not face up. Keep brushing until all the holes are filled with stones and all the stones are upright. Brush away excess stones. You can use tweezers to drop or turn any stubborn stones into place (there shouldn't be many once you get the hang of it.)   

    TIP - If your design has more than one size, start with the largest stone size.  Repeat with each stone size from largest to smallest until the design is complete.

    Step 3.  Now that you have all the stones in the "holes" and the excess stones are brushed away you need to lay your transfer paper down on top of your design.  To do this cut a piece of transfer paper that is roughly 2 inches wider and taller than your design (this will give you some room to practice with.  As you become more experienced you won't need so much excess paper).  Remove the white backer from the transfer tape, set aside but do not discard.  Hold the transfer tape with both hands.  Move your hands toward each other creating some slack in the center of the transfer paper.  This will make a slight "U" shape in your transfer tape.  One you have the "U" shape to your transfer paper, position the center of the "U" over the center of your design.  When you are "ready" quickly place the center of the "U" down on the design and then quickly lay down the sides of the tranfer paper you are holding in your hands.  You want to do this in one quick motion.  Once you start, don't change your mind.  Commit to it and don't turn back.  Again, practice makes perfect.  You'll get the hang of it.  After laying the transfer paper down on the template, rub your hand over the designs so that the designs make contact and stick to the transfer paper.

    TIP - if you have trouble with your stones "jumping" up to your transfer paper you are probably experiencing "static".  If this happens, spray your template with an anti-static product such as Static Guard.  Spray the template, rub it dry with the template brush.  This will usually eliminate any issues caused by static.  The weather conditions play a large part in "static".  One day you may not need to spray your templates and the next day you may.  Re-spray template as needed.  We find Rhinestuds tend to be more "staticy".

    Step 4.  Slowly peel your transfer paper off your template.  Your stones will transfer from the template onto the transfer paper.  If a stone stays in the hole, lay the paper back down and rub your finger on the "stubborn stone" to stick it to the transfer paper.  This should remove the stone from the hole.  Continue lifting tranfer tape until design is removed from template.  Now you can put the white backer back on the transfer and use the transfer later OR you can apply the transfer directly to your garmet for application (iron-on or heat press).  NOTE - it's always a good idea to inspect your design for wrong color or defective stones before pressing onto your garment.  Make sure your design is perfect, once you heat press or iron it to the garment, it's permanent!

    TIP - On occasion, there can be a "stubborn hole" where the stones seem to get "stuck".  This is usually caused by the adhesive on the back of the template material that holds it to the backer board.  If you find you have a stubborn spot, sprinkle some baby powder into the hole.  Brush out excess baby powder.  The powder will stick to the adhesive so the stones no longer get "stuck in the hole".

  • Custom Rhinestone Transfer FAQ's

  • What is the minimum on custom design orders?

    12 Pieces

  • Are there discounts for quantity orders?"

    Yes, we offer contract pricing to our wholesalers. Price breaks are offered at 25, 100, 500 and 1000 pieces,

  • What is the process to get custom rhinestone transfers made?

    5 Easy Steps to creating your custom rhinestone transfers:

    1. Submit your design request via the Rhinestone Artwork Submission Form.  We will review your artwork and call with any questions you may have and provide you with a free estimate.
    2. Next, a $20 Artwork Fee is required to proceed.  We will convert your logo/design into rhinestone artwork and provide you with a mock-up of your design. Allow 2-3 business days for our artwork department to create your design. 
    3. Review the artwork and final pricing we send to you.  Request revisions if necessary.
    4. Once the artwork is completed to your satisfaction, place your order on the order form provided.  
    5. Production - You
      don't need to do anything here...
      We're busy doing the production for you.  Your product will be shipping out soon!

    Note: If your design is "text only" you can use our Text Only Transfer Designer using our "stock fonts" for a reduced artwork fee of $10. (A mock-up will not be sent to you).  Orders will go straight to production.  Pricing will auto generate, no waiting around for a quote.

    Don't see what you need? We can create something custom. Get a Free Estimate