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Loose Stones

Looking for a rhinestone supplier of loose/bulk hotfix rhinestones to make rhinestone transfers or to embellish with bling? You've come to the right place!  Shop from our huge selection of iron-on hotfix Rhinestones, SWAROVSKI Elements, Rhinestuds and Nailheads.

All of our "stones" as we like to call them, are "flatback hot fix stones". 

  • "Flatback", meaning that they are "flat" on the back, not pointed like a gemstone. 
  • "Hotfix", meaning they have a heat activated glue on the back. The glue is melted with an iron, hand-held rhinestone setter or heat press. The melted glue bonds the "stone" to the fabric/garment
  • We do NOT carry any non hotfix rhinestones.

Loose stones can be used with our rhinestone templates to make your own rhinestone designs.  If you're the creative type and prefer "free style" try one of our hand held rhinestone setting tools

Small, medium and large bulk quantities are available.  

Wholesale accounts are available to qualifying businesses.  Applying is quick and easy. Click here to apply

Image Rhinestones

We offer a large selection of Lead Free (CPSIA Compliant) Flatback Hotfix Rhinestones in a variety of sizes & colors. Available in 5 Gross, 50 Gross and Bulk packing units.

Click on individual colors below for more information

Image Rhinestuds

Rhinestuds are a painted metal product that is "faceted" like a rhinestone. The facets catch the light which makes them sparkle and shine! Try using rhinestuds along with rhinestones, SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS or nailheads to create beautiful rhinestone heat transfers and apparel embellishments.

Image Nailheads

Hotfix nailheads are used for apparel embellishment, rhinestone heat transfers and whatever other creative ideas you may have. ALL of our nailheads are hotfix stones meaning they a heat activated glue on the back. They can be applied with an iron or a heat press.