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Quilted Vest

A store bought quilted vest embellished with SWAROVSKI Elements Crystals turns
into a standout piece in anyone's wardrobe!
  1. Start with a quilted vest right off the rack or right out of your closet (or shoes, jeans, shirt, jacket....)
  2. Plug in your BeJewelerŪ Pro and allow it to heat up for 20 minutes.  This will ensure it has heated to the proper temperature effortless application.
  3. Pour your stones out of the package and onto a paper plate.  Turn them so they are face up.
  4. Using your BeJewelerŪ Pro, pick up a stone.
  5. Wait 3-5 seconds and then GENTLY & QUICKLY place the stone onto your garment.
  6. Lift the BeJewelerŪ Pro off garment.
  7. Repeat steps 4-6 until your project is complete.
  8. Wait 24 hours before washing garment.  This gives the glue a chance to "cure".
  • The BeJewelerŪ Pro starter kit includes:BeJewelerŪ Pro2 Gross of SS16 SWAROVSKI Elements  Do it yourself Hotfix Setting Tool! Add hotfix SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS to...

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