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Text TILES Alphabet - Curlz

Text Tiles - Curlz Rhinestone Alphabet Templates

Text TILES Alphabet - Curlz

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This Text TILES Sticky Flock rhinestone alphabet set is for use with the Text TILES Rhinestone System

All letters, numbers and punctuation in the set are sized to work together. 

  • SS6/2mm - Letters are approximately 1" in height
  • SS10/3mm - Letters are approximately 1.3" in height
  • ss16/4mm - Letters are approximately 2" in height
  • ss20/5mm - Letters are approximately 2.35" in height

Place the letters on the workstation to spell out the desired text. Grid lines and the provided "Guide Strip" make it quick and easy to line up the letters in a straight line. You're not limited to straight lines, you can arch your text or stack your text.  You have complete control... Left, right or center justify stacked lines of text.  Get creative.... experiment...