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Make your own rhinestone heat transfer designs with our easy to use RE-USABLE Rhinestone TEMPLATES. A Rhinestone Template can be used over and over again. Now you have the flexibility to make rhinestone transfers as you need them, and make them in different colors as needed without having to stock a lot of transfer inventory.

We offer 2 different types of "Templates"

  • Standard Templates - A "Standard Template" is a template of the design selected and will be mounted on "backer board". Your template is a stand alone item; no "system" or "workstation" needed.
  • Text TILES Sticky Flock Templates - Sticky Flock templates do not have a "backer board".  They can be used with a Sticky Flock Workstation, Text TILES Workstation or they can be used as a "stencil" because there is no "back" to the template (the holes are open).

Don't forget to purchase the following supplies to make your transfers

A few important notes

  • In the "Description" section of each template we list the stone size and stone count needed to make a transfer using that template. Make note of the stone sizes for the templates you are ordering. Be sure to order rhinestones, SWAROVSKI crystals or rhinestuds in favorite colors so you can make your designs when your template(s) arrive!
  • Our templates are sized to work with Rhinestones, SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS and Rhinestuds purchased from Dazzling Designs & Apparel Inc. We can not guarantee that stones purchased from other suppliers will work in our templates as each manufacturer has size variances within their product(s). Not intended for use with NAILHEADS.
  • A Rhinestone Template is sometimes referred to as a rhinestone stencil or rhinestone mold.  The difference between a template and a stencil is that a "template" has a back so the stones don't go "through" the holes.  A "stencil" has no back and therefore the stones can go "through" the holes.  If you want a "stencil" please select "Sticky Flock Template".  Sticky Flock Templates can be used on a Text TILES workstation or as a "stencil" directly on the garment. 

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