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Text TILES Starter Kit

Text TILES Starter Kit | Text TILES Rhinestone Designs Made Easy

Text TILES Starter Kit

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RHINESTONE DESIGNS MADE EASY... with our easy to use, re-useable, rhinestone template system.

Text TILES templates are made from "Sticky-Flock".  Sticky Flock can be stuck to itself, used and then removed so your templates don't require mounting on backer-board, instead they are stored on a carrier sheet, used on the "workstation" and returned to the carrier sheet for storage.

How it works:

  1. Remove the letters needed to spell the desired text from the carrier sheet.
  1. Place the letters on the workstation to spell out the desired text. Grid lines and the provided "Guide Strip" make it quick and easy to line up the letters in a straight line. You're not limited to straight lines, you can arch your text or stack your text.  You have complete control... Left, right or center justify stacked lines of text.  Get creative.... experiment...
  1. Add clip art templates.  A few really versatile clip art templates come in the kit but there are hundreds of additional clip art templates you can add to your Text TILES system.   
  1. After you have designed your "design" on the workstation brush stones into the holes.
  1. Lay a piece of transfer tape over the sticky flock design you created on your workstation.  Rub your hand over the stones to stick to the transfer tape.
  1. Peel up the transfer tape.  The stones will lift out of the template and you will have a rhinestone heat transfer ready to apply to your t-shirt, sweatshirt, hat, tablecloth, purse..... whatever your "project" is.  

Starter Kit Includes:

  • Deluxe Workstation
  • Large Template Brush
  • Small Template Brush
  • Tweezers
  • Transfer Paper (5 ft roll)
  • 50 Gross SS6 Clear Rhinestones
  • 50 Gross SS10 Clear Rhinestones
  • Rhinestone Color Chart
  • Rhinestone Scoop

TEXT Tiles Fonts included in the Starter Kit:

  • Tiny Letters font in SS6 (Uppercase, number and punctuation)*
  • Times New Roman font in SS10 (Uppercase, Lowercase, numbers & punctuation)*

Clip Art Templates included in the Starter Kit:

  1. Heart
  2. Star
  3. Megaphone
  4. Football
  5. Peace Sign

*We've designed our Fonts to be easy to use.  You will receive multiples of each letter so that you can spell out words like "mommy" which has 3 m's.  Quantities of each letter vary based on how often that letter is used in day to day spelling of words.  You may occasionally run into a word that requires more letters but we've planned for the most common scenarios.  We've included two of each number 0-9 and 1 set of punctuation with each alphabet sheet. 

Additional Text TILES Fonts can be added to your Text TILES System.

All of our "Stock Templates" are available as a "Text TILES Sticky Flock Templates" to be used with your Text TILES System.