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Tidy Tray

Tidy Tray | Rhinestone Tray

Tidy Tray

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Rhinestone Accessories

Tidy Tray

Use the Tidy Tray when making rhinestone transfers.  Keep your stones where you want them and easily return them to their containers without a mess or accidental spillage.  Need to come back to a project later?  Pick it up, set it aside in a safe place and return to it later.  When it's time to clean up, simply tip the try and return stones through the funnel spout back to your storage container. 

The Tidy Tray is great for other crafts as well such as: embossing powder, confetti, glitter, beads, sand and more.

Note:  Tray does not include rhinestones, tweezers, transfer paper or pick-me-up tool shown in photo.  Tray is sold by itself with no accessories.

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